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2023-24 admissions information sessions 

This Admissions season we will also be doing a few live sessions to give you the chance to interact directly with our students and alumni and to ask questions about financial aid. We’d love to see you at the below events! All sessions begin at 7pm and no registration is required.

Wednesday, December 13 Financial Aid Learn more about how this process works and the way we help families. 40% of our families get some kind of financial assistance totaling over $4 Million. 
Wednesday, January 17 Student Only Discussion Check this out for an unfiltered insight into Solebury as you’ll have access to a group of our students without any faculty there.
Wednesday, February 7 Alumni Panel - Hear from Graduates Come and talk to a group of our alumni to hear their thoughts as they look back on their Solebury experience. How did it prepare them for college? How do they feel about their time here as they look at it with older eyes and the benefit of more life experience?


Want to learn more about a specific program here at Solebury? Watch the below recordings to hear from faculty here about the incredible opportunities that your child can enjoy here.

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Parent Testimonials

I don’t even know how to begin to convey all of the ways that Solebury means so much to not only my husband and me but especially to our daughter, Cate. As soon as we stepped foot on the Solebury campus we knew that this was the right place for her. She calls teachers by their first names, has extremely small class sizes, and is in a learning environment that is conducive to any learning ability. There are no uniforms, students take an extracurricular activity every semester as well as perform community service, and the dorm environment is a perfect introduction to a college atmosphere. The college prep is second to none, with one on one assistance with writing college essays and a direct line to the Director of College Admissions who begins meeting with Juniors on a regular basis to make sure they are well-guided and on the right path. Our daughter has gotten into a very competitive program at the college of her choice with a tremendous scholarship. Solebury has so many opportunities for both students and parents to get involved. The teachers and administrators are always also very involved in activities outside of the classroom and are cherished by the kids. If you haven’t considered a boarding or day school, visit Solebury. You will change your mind the second your feet hit the campus. We will forever be grateful to this school that has helped our daughter to grow in ways that we never deemed possible. 

—Stacey Cole P'20 


Solebury has been a godsend for our daughter. She previously attended a range of public and private schools, with mixed experiences all along the way. Solebury has provided her with an accepting, creative, and holistic learning environment, one which nurtures her love for the performing arts and challenges her to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. We are so deeply grateful to the teachers, administrators, and all support staff—their care and commitment always goes the extra mile! Solebury is a very special community.

—Michele Rivkin-Fish, Chapel Hill, NC

A Note from Our College Counselor 

Hello families,

My name is Tim Gallen, Director of College Counseling here at Solebury School. My work with students encompasses a range of activities, from writing an individual letter of recommendation for each senior (which I further personalize for each college they are applying to), to talking with you as you navigate the process, to arranging for representatives from colleges to visit our campus (we bring about 100 schools to campus), to organizing and supervising all standardized testing for our students (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, etc.). Learn more about Tim Gallen here

Favorite Classes/academic experiences

My favorite class was hands-down Honors Ethics my sophomore year—it challenged some of my deepest assumptions about the world, revealed the complexities of the moral conflicts in our day-to-day lives, and equipped me with tools to navigate the increasingly unsteady landscape of life and its ethical dilemmas. It has sparked an interest in moral philosophy that I have yet to shake, and ingrained a deeper habit of asking "why is it that way?" Tim '21

I love Zachary Arrington’s English 9 because he really engages the students and presents the work with real passion and enthusiasm. He makes you feel respected and encourages you to feel good about whatever it is we are studying by enhancing the experience. Prior to this year I didn’t love English, but now it’s one of my favorite classes and I owe it all to Zack. He helped me understand that all things have beauty if you look at them from the right angle. Olivia '23

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Residential Life: A Transformative Living Experience at Solebury

Solebury’s residential life program offers a holistic approach to ensure that students not only pursue rigorous academics but learn lifelong skills while building strong bonds with peers and adults within our community. We believe our students can flourish with a balance of structure and flexibility that allows them to learn essential life skills, try new things, and develop a stronger sense of self.

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