Sustainability at Solebury

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the capacity to meet the needs of the present age without jeopardizing the ability of people in the future to address their needs. The environment is essential; however, it is not the only consideration. It is also critical to consider human welfare. A sustainable institution is one that protects natural resources while guaranteeing social equity and economic prosperity.

Sustainability Vision Statement

Solebury School's vision is to actively educate and engage students, faculty, staff, and the wider community in becoming good stewards of the environment while working to use resources efficiently, support a healthy ecosystem, and develop sustainable community practices.

Why Solebury cares about being sustainable

Being sustainable goes hand in hand with Solebury School’s values of respect for all life, love of and responsibility toward the environment, biodiversity, environmental equity, fairness, equality, and diversity. Solebury School fosters a culture of service and giving back to our community/environment and is committed to making environmentally and fiscally sustainable decisions.

Since sustainability makes sense from an environmental, financial, health, and civil rights perspective, Solebury School embraces sustainability and is mindful of it when making all decisions.

Solebury School and the student-run Solebury Environmental Action Corps (SEAC) aim to make sustainability an integral part of the Solebury experience by assuring that all initiatives related to sustainability are made with a coordinated effort.

Green News

Solebury Creates a Green Team!

To better coordinate sustainability projects around campus, Solebury School is proud to announce we are creating a Green Team! The Green Team will consist of faculty members, students, staff, and senior administrators meeting regularly to discuss and move forward on sustainability initiatives.

A Passion for Environmental Justice

Members of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) pledge to adhere to the Principles of Good Practice. As this relates to sustainability, schools agree to strive to “become more environmentally sustainable and can ensure that their graduates are prepared to contribute to a more sustainable world.” So what does it mean when a student with a passion for fighting environmental racism uncovers that his school is unwittingly contributing to the problem? Here at Solebury School, it means that it is time for a change.

Solebury Diverts to Landfill

On March 17, 2021 students from the Solebury Environmental Action Club (SEAC) and Teach2Serve cohort 10 met with a representative from Leck Waste Services, Solebury’s waste hauler. The students had what may seem like an odd request for the Leck representative: to divert all of Solebury’s trash from so-called “waste to energy facilities”  to landfill or a recycling center.