Young Artist Concert Series: An interview with Callie Miles '24

Celena McAfee
The Young Artists Concert Series will kick off this fall featuring Callie Miles ’24.

Callie will join the list of Solebury School greats as she takes the stage on Friday, September 29. Joining her will be special guests Sloan Miles ’26 and Maia Jarrett.

The music department started The Young Artist Concert Series in 2018. The series includes one concert held each fall and spring trimester, where one student is chosen as the headliner. The first concert featured artists: classical pianist Haokai (Kevin) Zhou ’20, Anna Schmidt ’20, cellist Owen Graham ’20, and singer/songwriter Gabe Parsons ’19. The series aims to highlight the Solebury School music program’s advanced musicians and vocalists. “The opportunity to perform is open to all genres, and past concerts have featured everything from classical to Jazz, Rock, and Musical Theater fare,” Cathy Block P'14, Music Department Head, shared as she discussed the selection process. She talked about the auditions held by the music department for students to showcase their talents. “It’s considered an honor to receive one of these two coveted spots. The featured artist puts their evening together with some consultation from the music department.”

The Music department is excited to present Callie's performance. "People better catch Callie while they can at a good price," teased Kim Harris, Vocal Director.

Cathy Block P'14, who refers to Callie as a "superb talent," hopes the community will take advantage of this opportunity to see this rising star. The concert will be held at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Friday, September 29, at 7 PM. The Young Artist Concert Series admission is free. It will also be streaming live on Instagram @soleburymusic.


You’ve had a fair amount of professional experience for someone so young.
Can you speak a bit about this?

I started playing with Luther Dickinson of the Black Keys and North Mississippi Allstars when I was 11, and he has continued to be both a mentor and a friend. I grew up around musicians and artists, many of whom took the time to believe in me and pass along lessons. I have played bass and piano in many live shows, done some studio work and backup vocals, and recently began playing my own shows locally and a few in other parts of the country. 

What can people expect to hear at your Young Artist Concert?

I hope anyone who watches my Young Artist Concert Series leaves with an understanding of who I am, both on and off the stage. I have tried to show different sides of myself, with songs I loved as a child and songs I’ve written recently. It is a journey through my life and my music and shows how the two have been intertwined all along. 


Will you be working with any other performers for your concert?

My collaborator and longtime friend, Maia Jarrett, will play with me. She is one of my favorite people to harmonize with, talk to, and just be around, and we have a special musical connection. My little brother, Sloan, an amazing guitarist and person, will also play. 

How has the music program here impacted you?

Cathy Block has changed my life. She is so much more than a teacher. She is a mentor, friend, and the best music teacher I have ever had. Cathy knows how to encourage students with positivity and hold us accountable when we aren't pulling our weight. She has really taught me how to be part of a band and lead groups of musicians. The entire music department at Solebury is special. Kim Harris has inspired me everyday since I met her, and Greg Lipscomb always has good insight and the most beautiful ensemble. I wish I could take every class here 100 times. There are some I've taken multiple times, and I continue to learn more during each one. I feel so lucky to have spent these years at a school where my music has not only been accepted but enlivened. I have been able to bring the community together and feel good, and I will always be grateful to Solebury for creating the space for me and my art. 

What are your dreams for your future?

My dream is to live in a world where I can be a part of facilitating music and art as tools for change. Our world is beautiful, but we have so much progress to make, and there is no more powerful tool than creativity and persistence. I hope that my personal future is loud with music and peaceful everywhere else. I hope to learn more about production and the different sides of the music industry and figure out where I fit within it. While I am grateful for these four years, I am excited for my life after Solebury, and I know that I will use all of the lessons I have learned here throughout my career and life.

Be sure to follow Callie on Instagram @callietmiles or stream her recordings on SoundCloud. For more information about The Young Artist Concert Series, please contact Cathy Block at

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